Origiinal & Custom Handcrafted Decorative Wood Bowls & Vases

VanEss Expressions creates original & custom, individually and personally handcrafted wooden vases & bowls in a variety of sizes, shapes and types of wood. Wood vases for silk or dried flowers, wood vases with water tubes for fresh flowers or purly decorative wood vases to add interest to any home decor. And decorative handmade wooden bowls for a variety of purposes.

Our wood vases & bowls are made of either multi-wood, single-wood or solid-stock wood.

100% Hard-Wood - - - 100% HandMade in the USA

This page is just to give you a few examples of the types of original & custom decorative wooden bowls & vases we have made. To see the wood vases currently available, go to our Wood Vases & Urns . To see the wooden bowls available, go to our Wood Bowls & Cups. Original Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Boxes ~ Handmade of contrasting wood - Walnut and Ash. Tapered sides, box-joint corners.

Unique Multi-Wood Vases & Bowls

By combining different types of wood, you can acheive natural color contrast and beautiful, unusual patterns. Our standard types of wood include Oak, Walnut, Maple, Hickory, Ash & Cherry. Each has its uniquie color characteristics. The very large, very unusual handcrafted multi-wood vase shown to the right combines Cherry, Walnut and Maple. Very precise cutting & gluing is required to acheive the desired effect.

Custom Handmadde Wooden Keepsake Boxes ~ Handcrafted of solid Cherry. Angled sides, box-joint corners. Beautiful wood grain.

Original Single-Wood Bowls & Vases

Glued up single-wood bowls and vases are functional and decorative part of any home decor. By placing the wood perpendicular to each other, you acheive a unique iridescent striping affect which adds interest The handmade wood bowl to the left is made of solid walnut with beautiful coloring and wood grain. We typically use a very hard polyurethane wood varnish, though we do have a salad-bowl finish available..

Custom Handcrafted Wooden Book Boxes ~ Handmade of contrasting wood - Walnut & Ash. Striaght sides, box-joint corners and hinged lid.

Solid-Stock Wood Vases & Bowls

Solid-stock is a term used for vases & bowls handcrafted from a solid 'chunk' of wood (vs glued up board lumber). These can produce unique color paterns and some unusual unexpected wood characteristics. Wood used for these vases and bowls are thoroughly dried befor turning - to reduce the chance of cracking down the line. The beautiful vase to the right is made of Ambrosia Maple and has wonderful natural color paterns.

Original Handcrafted Wooden Tea Boxes ~ Handmade of contrasting wood - Oak, Walnut & Maple. Slightly tapered sides, dramatic box-joint corners. Beautiful multi-wood lid.

Custom Handcrafted Wooden Bowls & Vases

We do take custom orders for our handcrated vases and bowls - for a particular type of wood, shape or design, or for multiples of an item, but because each of our bowls & vases is individually handcrafted, no two are ever exactly the same. The unusual vase to the left is made of Maple & Walnut and was custom ordered for the criss-cross pattern acheived by combining the contrasting woods.

Original Handcrafted Wood Recipe Boxes ~ Handmade of solid Oak with a walnut stain. Straight wooden sides, subtle box-joint corners.

Handmade Wooden Nut Bowls

Our individually handcrafted wood nut bowls are a wonderful part of holiday entertaining and make excellet Christmas gifts that will be appreciated for years to come. The one to the right is made of Cherry with a Walnut rim. All of our handmade wooden nut bowls come with a nutcracker & two picks (Party Nut Bowls come with 2 nutcrackers and 4 picks). To see more examples of the handcrafted wood nut bowls we have made in the past - please go to our 'sister' site Nut-Bowls.com, and for Nut Bowls currently in stoc - our Wood Nut Bowls page of our On-Line Store.

We are a very small Minnesota woodworking company. Each of our wood vases and wood bowls is individually and personally handcrafted by us in our Minneapolis workshop. To see all of the original wood gifts and home decor items (including our hand made bowls & vases) available for immediate shipment, please go to our On-Line Store. And if you don't see what you are looking for, please Contact Us, and maybe we can custom make that unique, handcrafted wood gift or home decor item for you. (more handmade wood VASES) - - - ( more handcrafted wooden BOWLS )

100% Hard-Wood - - - 100% HandMade in the USA

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